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Is that really JEZMYN posting?!?

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Jezmyn said...
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Yea, yea, yea, I know. I've been a bit derelict in my duties as a fair member of this community. After being informed by Mishy that I was making him sad (frownie face included) I figured I'd better get something posted. Can't have the vampire upset, now can we?

As to how this relates to FFXII, I'm actually witnessing something I did not think would ever happen. My wonderful, loving, and let's face it, corruptive husband, Mykal, is playing FFXII. He's spent the past hour killing skeletons and has had the PS2 on since yesterday.

Now, I love this game. I've almost finished this game. But Mykal has always told me the battle system is too boring. Not fast-paced enough and apparently, the story he had gotten to (as far as the Lhusu Mines) hadn't been enough to entrap him. I loved the fact the battle system was a bit slower because I'm not as good at hand-eye-coordination and it gives me time to think about what I want my characters to be doing. I liked FFX's battle system for that as well, even though it was faster. And the system in Chrono Cross.

So, I'm curious. What is everyone's opinion on slow vs. fast pacing in an game? Let's say RPG's specifically. Does anyone else get frustrated when you're not given time to think by the developers? At any rate, I'm happy to have finally corrupted Mykal in something during our long years together...
Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross (PS)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D RPG
Release Date: 02/AUG/00
Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy XII (PS2)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D RPG
Release Date: 31/OCT/06
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I'm happy to have finally corrupted Mykal IN something during our long years together...

I sure hope i misunderstood that O_O

Anyway as long as its good it dosn't bother me slow or fast.

Now get your ass onto the forums!
As he's the one who is usually doing the corrupting, then probably not...

I'm almost tempted to ask you if I am the one misunderstanding your opinion. And what exactly are you cursing anyway? There's too many letters for the only thing that makes sense and if it's what I think, that just disgusting. lol
1. the first paragraph and the sentance under that was refering to something dirty

2. the third paragraph is about the actual content of your post

3. the last line was to tell to you to get your ass on the forums
There were too many letters for ass. And if you'll notice, I did.
it always does it regardless of the amount of letters
So when are you getting back onto the forums? There's quite a few new posts to follow up on...
didn't notice you posted on hold on then > = D
to bad there not showing up?
On the forums??
yeah no new posts yet
Under Hodge Podge?
yeah still says last post is me
Dork! That's because you've already gone and updated the threads... and here I was thinking that it hadn't saved any of my posts! 0-o
haha i told you i did the forums ages ago x D
Considering I'd only been able to put one post on each thread, you wouldn't think to mention the small little fact that you'd added to them? At least so I would know to go back and look? I may need to change my mind about where you stand in your training, Mishy. :>
i said i did the forums ages ago after you said check them

*sigh* It's not female intellect, it's intuition. And the training really needs to continue...
what are you going to do spank me? Actually on second thoughts no

That's better. Although I'm old enough I could probably get away with disciplining you... something you could keep in mind, I guess. I'm sure Mykal would take my side on this matter. He understands how important proper behavior is. 8P
Thats because your married to him
Your point being?
On combat pace, I prefer mechanisms that you can pause and micro-manage if you want, but will function reasonably well in real time. So I like most of Bioware's ideas in this dept.
I prefer RPGs that allow me to go at my own pace, making tactical decisions as the need arises. XII is essentially fire-and-forget. You set up your strategy beforehand and hope that it will cover whatever situations may arise. Any tactician will tell you that a battle plan is only good until the first shot is fired. I love being able to change things up on the fly without having to go into a separate menu and alter a bunch of settings.
If the game is good I like it. I do notice that with faster paced games like 'Ninja Gaiden' I usually don't get to do what I planned on doing (In fighter games I always plan on making the action flow as smoothly as possible and look like a fight scene from an action flick). When I do get to do it (which is rare) it looks excellent and amazes anyone watching me, but other than that it turns into mashing the buttons for the same basic combos or spells while getting hit like crazy, overall chaos. With slower paced games like FFXII my genius (yes I said GENIUS because I am a military mastermind when it comes to tactics & strategy!!!!) doesn't go to waste and I can enjoy my plans worked out to perfection.
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